Will Muslims now bow to Paris Hilton?

I don't think so. This will show you the kind of thing I do not pay attention to...  Paris Hilton.  On the other hand I like a little humor so, I was thrilled to see an article, online, that Paris Hilton, who knew she had stores, was opening a new store in Mecca.  It seems she… Continue reading Will Muslims now bow to Paris Hilton?


Cheney calls for Obama apology?

Cheney, Vice President under George Bush II, praised the Obama Administration for it's courage, and wisdom in authorizing a Drone strike that killed al-qaeda Anwar al-Awlaki, and Samir Khan, both of whom were American citizens who were members of al-qaeda, as well as others in the convoy...  then Cheney stated that the Obama administration should immediately apologize to the Bush II administration… Continue reading Cheney calls for Obama apology?

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