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Rick Scott : Keeping his head down?

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I was watching one of those anti-Romney adds….  You know the one: they are talking about Mitt Romney and how, they say, the Damon Corp.  cheated medicare out of millions of dollars while he was in charge.  They show his face on the left side, and as they talk it slowly morphs into Skeletor, uh, no, that’s not right.  Yes, its Florida Gov. Rick Scott who face finally emerges..

I read in the paper that our dear Gov. has a %30 approval rating…  I wondered, as soon as I had seen the ad just what Rick Scott thought of the idea that his face can be used to scare voters, and small children.

I have always thought that you should give the Devil his due, or in this case the Governor.  Somewhere around %20 of FLorida voters put him in office.  So when you look around at 100 Floridians in a room think that something like 60 of them did NOT vote for anyone, a little over half of the ones who did voted picked Scott.  So a little more than 20 of those people put him into office.

He got into office with the promise of 700,000 jobs being created over, what, 7 years?  Where are they?

He has tried to get the legislature to slash laws that govern business, and has found that even some of thosebusiness leaders said those laws were needed.  Think about business you deal with where a license is required, and then think of the license requirment,  and background checks, being eliminanted.

To give you an example.  It was just a few years ago that we heard how Doctors did not want to be subjected to Fingerpring checks like common criminals.  Why would we need to know who they were?  Why would we need to know he had a license?  Maybe because they write prescriptions for drugs, and we don’t want a drug pedler to just move into the state and hide the fact that he lost his license, in the other state, for selling drugs, or presciptions, like a common criminal.

Does your child’s bus driver have a license?  Did they lose it in another state?  Were they child abusers in that other state?   Yes we need those laws that set out what kind of people can hold jobs, and how much they have to know to do that job.

We need those laws  just like we need to have local control of zoning requirments, which is one of those thing our Govener would like to do away with.

Now for some of that “the devil his due”.  Yes, he has accepted federal funds from program he did not agree with, like the stimulus pack, but, even if the money should not have been spent, it came from our taxes so why should we turn it down just because those people in Washington were just throwing it around like confetti?.

Some people condemed him for not snapping up the funds for the speed rails, at least not right a way.  Rick Scott pointed out that he wanted to know that the money promised would really be there.  Sure they promised millions of dollars for high speed rail but, promises and acts are two different things.  What if we had gone ahead and started on it, and suddenly found that no one had raised the money.  Would those organization who were ready to take the money, and build high speed rail, get stuck for a the bill?

Even Scott deserves some credit, though I hope, in the next state election, that the people of Florida would show a little, a let, more interest in who runs the state.  In the meantime he keeps his head down, and maybe he won’t do too much damage to our soiled reputation.

Thank you.

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Family Values? Newt Gingrinch?

Family Values
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Figuring which Republican would be the best President is rather hard.  In this day and age it seems to be expected that they will lie. You might have the political ad that “mostly” tells the truth, with the main thrust of which is said to be a falsehood.  The there are the ads put out by these groups who hide behind Action committees which are totally false.

The paper today tells about how it is estimated that Newt Gingrich will win Florida with the support of the Evangelicals and their support of Family Values….  So what are Family Values?

The first thing I would think of would be marriage, and raising a family.  That would be a man and a woman raising their family according to their values.  Parents teaching their offspring about RIGHT and WRONG.  Like why it is WRONG to lie, steal, or hurt other people.  These are not just Family Values but, they are the kind of values that are needed to keep a society on the path to growth.  At one time Marriage was seen to be an institution that was for life, and divorce was frowned upon, and was seen as a liability to public office as the divorced politician considered to be someone who could not keep his family together.  Somewhere along the path to where we are divorce has gotten to be accepted, and a divorced politician is just looked upon as another person who failed at love.  Marriage, and the marriage oath, have lost some of the meaning they once had.

I look at New Gingrich, who is appealing to the Religious Conservative, and wonder what this all says about him.  He is in his THIRD marriage, the first two of which he cheated on with women he subsequently married.  So he had TWO wedding where he lied to God.  Is that something that we would want to teach our children?

Sure he says he as repented, and will be forgiven by God, or Jehovah, but, in the meantime, and thing about this, if he has lied to Jehovah twice what makes us believe he is NOT lying to US now.

For those of you who do NOT believe marriage is sacred he might be a great candidate for President, though you might not be able to tell when he is telling the truth but, for the rest, these little slips might just indicate that he is a poor example of Integrity.

For the chief executive of our country I would expect a certain amount of Integrity, and I don’t think we will find it in New Gingrich.

That Joe Guy.

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Servicewoman told DUI cost her a Christmas call from Obama | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper


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Servicewoman told DUI cost her a Christmas call from Obama | & The Charlotte Observer Newspaper.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Golda Payne had been told that she would get a Christmas day phone call from the President…  As the article above states, only about 10 military people are on this list.

So, after giving an interview to the Coast Guard newspaper, imagine her surprise when she did NOT get the call..  or that the reason she did not get the call was because she had a DUI conviction in 2006, and the White House did not want the negative publicity….  “The Coast Guard has been hands down the best thing that has ever happened to me,” Payne said in an email. “It provided me structure and discipline when I needed it most.” . . .

So it  would seem that a young woman who turned her life around after a DUI arrest, and was nominated by her superiors, for this phone call,  as a result  her duties in the U. S. Coast Guard….  That is terrible.  To think that just a couple of years ago she got caught driving drunk, and then changed the course of her life for the better.  We would never want that kind of message to go out..

He is the President of the United States of America and as such he is due respect for his office but, as a person HE might be the one who did not deserve this phone call.

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What do Politician have in common with a Vampire, or Roach.

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Or maybe the better question would be : What do Roaches and Vampire have in common the Politicians…I don’t know about you but, the first thing that come to my mind is Light.  You go into a room, and turn on the light.  What happens to the Politicians, uh, I mean the Roaches?  They head for the darkness.  With Vampires, of course it has to be Sunlight, or maybe its Ultra Violet light, but they will do the same, and scurry back to their holes.

What if we could do the same with Politicians?  In Florida we have the Sunshine Law, which we expect to make the working of government transparent….  though, as with many things they do, there are loopholes in the law..  For example:  The Herald-Tribune reports that a representative from Sylint, a forensic computer company, is giving city commissioners  one-on-one briefings about a report dealing with the search of two computers belonging to the top two administrators in Sarasota.  A possible breach of the Sunshine Law that requires government business be conducted in the open.  It is normally held that a meeting of more then two persons that deals with government business, would require a public hearing, so they do it with one at a time in an effort to keep this information from going public.

On a national scale we often find that groups who fund attack ads are increasingly hiding behind PACs, in and effort to hide who is doing the slandering.  While there are a number of sites that will examine claims made by these attack ads, and grade the accuracy of these claim, it appears that people are more likely to accept the claim that follow their view point, rather than take the time to determine if they are in fact true.

As voters we need to take the time to determine the truth for ourselves and not just depend on the views of unknown organizations.  My favorite example of this is : During the late 1980s there was a movement in Sarasota County to implement a 2 year building moratorium, during which a groups called the Argus Foundation came out against the moratorium, all the while saying they were a objective panel of experts.  This group did not point out that it was made up of the very people who had the most to gain from the failure of the moratorium, the real estate, chambers of commerce, banker, and builders.  The moratorium failed, and as far as I can tell this was due to people accepting the opinion of the Argus Foundation, rather than what common sense would tell them was going on.

Lets not just accept what people say, like this article  but, look at everything and determine, for ourselves, if they are in OUR interest.

The kind of government we vote into office is the kind we deserve, and it is our responsibility to vote for the right people.

Thank you for reading this,

That Joe Guy.

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Who do they work for?

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In 1998 %68 of Sarasota County voters passed a change to the County Charter that applied a 2 term limitation on County Commissioners.

Later a Circuit Judge would apply a State Supreme Court ruling to say that this was unconstitutional.  In a case starting in Broward County an Appeals court has held that this is not so.  This would seem to indicate that the Charter change was, in face, legal.

When the first judgement was rendered, why did they NOT appeal the ruling?  With such a large percentage of voters in favor, why did they not at least make sure that this would be the final ruling?   Who knows what the appeals court might have done then?  They might have even agreed.

The problem was that the politicians did not want to risk losing their jobs so, inspite of being elected to represent the will of the voters, and that will was voiced by the vote, they did nothing.

Now that I higher courts has overruled that decision, what have they done?

Instead of saying “we will follow the charter, and carry out the people will”, they are planning to put in another change that will allow them not only 3 terms, but will allow them to start the clock over again.

Think of it this way…  What if the U.S. Congress put up another amendment that would allow 3 terms of the President, and negate the terms already served?  An past President, still alive, could again run for office, and have a chance at 3 terms.  Would we want repeats of Bill Clinton, George Bush II, or even Jimmy “Peanut” Carter?

Then again, we could just limit their terms at the voting booth.  In the mean time, even if you believe we should have term limits on County Commissioners, you should vote against this change for the simple fact that we have limits IN PLACE that are being IGNORED, and even if we do pass it, what is say they won’t just IGNORE it when it is time for their terms to run out.

Think about this:  We passed a State Constitutional Amendment some years ago having to do with setting up a bullet train.  So where is it?  It was also IGNORED.

So remember this.  Not matter if it is the County Charter, the State Constitution, or the U. S. Constitution, it is only a piece of paper and means NOTHING if the people we elect IGNORE it…