Obama Care? I think not.

I am not a legal scholar, nor am I about to become one, so maybe I can be excused for not really understanding the newest Supreme Court decision. It seems like on the Justices just said that the Government can not mandate your joining the health care system but they can extract a penalty from you, they call it… Continue reading Obama Care? I think not.


How Important is Your Vote?

I would like, one day, to see a voter tally saying that %100 of the eligible voters did so...  or at least something like %75, or better.  In 2010 we had a figure of %41 who voted in the Statewide elections. That was rather depressing.. With the economy still in the dumps many local governments are trying… Continue reading How Important is Your Vote?

Terrorist Security Agency strikes again, and again.

I have been reading news accounts of the TSA brain trust.  In WICHITA, Kan. 4 year old female, Isabella, had just gone through the checkpoint with her mother,Michelle Brademeyer of Montana, when she ran back to hug her grandmother, Lori Croft. TSA agents attempted to do a pat down of the 4 year old, when… Continue reading Terrorist Security Agency strikes again, and again.

To the family of Trayvon Martin,

I did not know him,and, except for his death, I most likely would never have even heard of him.  Maybe, if he had been able to mature to adulthood, he might have been able to make his mark on the world but, unfortunately we will not have the chance to find that out as his premature death, at the… Continue reading To the family of Trayvon Martin,

Our right to Endanger other people

While most people may not be able to quote the precise   wording of the Bill of Rights, they will still be able to tell you what rights they have.. Some of these rights have been limited, for reasons of safety, such as the Supreme Court having ruled that you may NOT yell "FIRE" in… Continue reading Our right to Endanger other people

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