Will Muslims now bow to Paris Hilton?

Grand Mosque
Grand Mosque (Photo credit: Jeff Attaway)

I don’t think so.

This will show you the kind of thing I do not pay attention to…  Paris Hilton.  On the other hand I like a little humor so, I was thrilled to see an article, online, that Paris Hilton, who knew she had stores, was opening a new store in Mecca.  It seems she recently announced the opening on Twitter, according to CNN.

Her announcement quickly prompted others to voice their displeasure and accused her of ‘insulting Mecca’. “It is unnecessary to have her shop here because we do not need it. If it was in our hands we would have closed all of her shops in Saudi,” said Sheikh Adnan Baharith, a conservative cleric, who preaches in Mecca.

He is redundant but, I get his point..  Nobody NEEDS Paris Hilton or her stores.  They don’t have to shop there.  It seems that she has opened a store next to the Grand Mosque and maybe they are afraid that the first “suicide bomber”/”religious warrior” to hit the store will damage the Mosque?  Maybe they are afraid that people going to the Mosque will be compelled by Satan to go inside and purchase the decadent products, probably made by Satan himself, and thus be corrupted.

Of course this leads me into the question of “free will”.  I don’t know about Allah but, Jehovah gave man free will.  All through history government bodies, whether it is tribal or a country, have passed laws that they saw as needed for the good of their group.  The first type of these were most likely put forth by the tribal shaman/holy man who gave them the force of religion in order to make it clear that there will be punishment.  The most widely known laws of this type are the 10 Commandments, which Jehovah gave to Moses.

Why bring up “free will’ in this context?  Free will means that each person has the ability to decide for himself about what laws he will go by, or ignore.  If there is no free will then each person would be set upon a course, life, that they do not control and therefore his decisions are made for him and what he does, either good or bad, does not really count.  How can a person be judged either good or bad if he does not have control of his own actions?

So, with free will each person is accountable for their own actions and, if they decide to purchase product from Paris Hilton, it is on them.  If there are enough devout Muslims then Paris Hilton’s store will fail.  If the store makes a profitt then maybe they, the clerics of Islam, should do a better job of teaching piety to their flock, rather than trying to stamp out their choice, which would mean nothing.  For good to matter there must be evil, and maybe the opening of a Paris Hilton store, next to the Grand Mosque, might be a good thing.  It would all depend on how fast it goes out of bussiness.

While I don’t particularly care about Paris Hilton, or her stores, it might be that a store with out customers would say more about Islam than a bombed out store.  One would speak of piety and tolerance, and the other would place them on the level of the Taliban, and others, who stone rape victims and hang 7 year old children for being CIA spies..  or who destroy ancient sculptures.


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Cheney calls for Obama apology?

Dick Cheney, Vice President of the United States.
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Cheney, Vice President under George Bush II, praised the Obama Administration for it’s courage, and wisdom in authorizing a Drone strike that killed al-qaeda Anwar al-Awlaki, and Samir Khan, both of whom were American citizens who were members of al-qaeda, as well as others in the convoy…  then Cheney stated that the Obama administration should immediately apologize to the Bush II administration for comments made about the American use of torture…

The fact that these two person were American citizens does raise some questions..  Like can the government target American citizens as targets for assassination?  I would think the answer there is a qualified NO, then  I would point out that both of these people could be considered Traitors to the United States, and if they had been found in an American Jurisdiction,  be tried in U.S. Courts for their crimes.  The fact that they are members of a group dedicated to the destruction of their own country, and would continue to do so, takes the act into the realm of self-defence.  It would, of course, be another matter if they had been in a place where we would be able to have them extradited for trial but, that would not have been possible under the circumstances.

On the other hand, lets say that a bank robber had fled the U.S. Court system and had gone to some place we did not have extradition treaties.  Would that make him a candidate for his own drone strike?  NO.  Why not?  because he would not be an ongoing threat to the stability of our nation, and so NOT a threat.  Would it be right, for one example, to track down Roman Polanski, who fled the U.S. before he could be sentenced for Statutory Rape, for his own drone strike?  NO.  He also would not have been a threat.

Now, let us look at why exVice President Cheney think they are due an apology..

When we started the war on terrorism our major target was Osama Bin Ladin, and we found that he was hiding among the Taliban in Afghanistan.  To get him we had to take out the Taliban.  To do this we got a number of other nations to go in with us.

We got rid of the Taliban, and then searched for Bin Ladin, who escaped into the Pakistan Tribal areas on the border of the two countries.  The problem started when we figured out that the Taliban, and al-Quada, were not uniformed member of a military, such as you would meet in other countries.  They were in fact an armed terrorist organization.  PERIOD.

The Bush II administration stated that these people were not covered under the Geneva Conventions which detailed how prisoners of war would be treated.  NO TORTURE.  Would we be the only ones to go by it?  Maybe not.  Do we expect others to go by it?  Yes, of course.  If other countries do not respect the Geneva Conventions, does that justify our use of torture?  NO.

Abu Ghraib prison became famous for the American torture of those prisoner that the Bush II administration said were not covered by the Conventions, not being Uniformed Combatants, or, as they were not in the United States, U.S. law.  They were tortured by members of the Central Intelligence Agency and Army Intelligence, with Army personnel being used to soften them up for the interrogators.  I will not go into what the CIA did but, the U.S. Army personnel ARE covered by the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and the Army Military Police have, just like other services, regulations that define the treatment of prisoners.  Once the conduct of the personnel at Abu Ghraib got out there were several Court Martial, and the Army brass stated that the people involved acted on their own…  REALLY?

What do you believe the chances are that some Army M.P. would abuse prisoners with out direction, and NOT be psychotic?  I have read in a couple of reports about this being a Reserve Unit, and not very well trained.  That would make sense, to a degree, but even poorly trained troops should know that this type of activity is prohibited by regulation..  Did the people in the chain of command order it to be done?  They have said NO..  Even then writen regulation take priority over verbal commands, and it is the troopers responsibility to refuse to obey an unlawful command.  For protection, slim, the troop should have insisted that these commands be written so that he could prove that someone gave them to him.

My take is that these abuses came down from the upper leven of the command structure, with at least the tacit agreement of the Bush II Administration.

That then brings up a problem…  Getting these people into U. S. Courts where U. S. laws would say that any information that was tortured out of a prisoner would be inadmissible in that court.

Does Obama owe them an apology?  NO.  Mr Cheney owes the American people, and the troops, that their actions endangered, a really BIG Apology.

Cheney says Obama should apologize for slams on Bush administration – New York Daily News (news.google.com)

Conspiracy Anyone?

I love a good conspiracy, and I really love one that is based on a little fact…

Often times a GOOD conspiracy theory is based on a little fact, a lot of assumptions, and a whole lot of twisted facts..  That is what would make them fun.

Think how boring life would be if there had not been people who could put mystery into the killing of President Kennedy.  Lets thank they guy who, supposedly, found all of the coincidences between the killing of JFK and President Lincoln.

I am sure you know what I am talking about..  It like Lincoln was supposed to have had a secretary named Kennedy who told him not to go to the theater, and Kennedy was supposed to have had a secretary named Lincoln who told him not to go to Dallas.  I was even mentioned that Lincoln was killed in a theatre and his killer was killed in a barn, think warehouse, while Kennedy will show from a book depository, think warehouse, and the killer was caught in, or near, a movie theatre.  Of course NONE of this connects to John Dillinger getting killed as he was leaving a NY movie theatre but, I wonder if anyone has ever tried to make a connection there.

There have been a number of theories about the reason that Kennedy was killed and they range from the Mafia killing him, because his bother, the Attorney General Robert Kennedy, was trying to break up the mob, to the CIA killed someone they thought was secretly an agent of the U.S.S.R and there was even a book, though I can not remember the name at this time, that suggested that while Oswald fired a number of shots at Kennedy he was really killed when, as the motorcade came to a stop at the sound of the shots, a secret service agent, who was standing in the car to the rear, stumbled and accidentally discharged his weapon hitting President Kennedy in the head.

In recent year there have ben claims that President Bush II was behind the events of 9/11, and that it was so he could eventually invade Iraq to finish what his father failed to do.

An interesting article I just saw, in the last day or so, is The Conspiracy Theory of Ander Breivik.  There is a link below to the blog.  This killer was supposed to be a Knight of the Templar Knights, and there seems to be an attempt to connect them to the Freemasons, or Masons.  You know the guys.  When they are not busy plotting how to take over the world they ride around in little motor cars wearing red fezzies.

In the 1980s I attended a couple of Patriot meetings here in Sarasota Fla.  They had a lot to say about things like the Bilderberg, the Freemasons, the New World Order, and many other names that have become connected to plots of world domination.

Some of their theories had some fact in them, which is what made them semi-believable, and that is why you could listen to them and think they might be right.  At one the the last meetings I attended, the the Veterans Hall, there was a presentation about how they had proof that the U.N. was going to send troops in to take over the country, and that it would happen while President Clinton was in office.  The presentor  was explaining that the proof was there, and all you had to do was know what to look for.  He further said that you could see it locally, just go out to I-75, this was med 1980s, and look at the concrete power polls that ran by or across the interstate.  You would see various colored dots painted, or decals, placed on the polls so that the U.N. troops, who might not read English, could tell what route to follow.

I later mentioned this to a friend of mine who worked for Paragon cable, I think the name has been changed, and he laughed at me.  He knew what they were.  The cable guys had a chart, as did the power company, the phone company and the other utilitiey people, that showed the colors referred to things like Blue for water lines, and other colors to tell where gas and electric lines where.  It like if you wander around a residential area and see those little blue reflectors placed off center in the road.  They are so that Fire Department will know there is a water hydrant on that side of the road.  Any U.N. Troops trying to follow this method would soon become lost.

I quit going to those meetings as I was sure they were a wast of time, and filled with people who had too much time on their hands, though they were indeed interesting.

So.  Don’t believe everything you hear but remember the old saying “just because you are paranoid, doesn’t mean they are not out to get you”.

Windows Updates?

Any time there is a problem with a program on my computer, and Windows has NO IDEA how to fix it, they tell me that there is an UPDATE to that program that will fix me right up…

I keep checking back with Incredimail, my e-mail program, and they don’t seem to understand how far behind they are with the UPDATES…

Windows, om my system, seems to have gotten all the updates it can stand, so it is now going through spasms of “not responding”.

I would like to get a new computer in the next couple of years but the thing is: I don’t want a new operating system until they can get Vista fixed…

Maybe I am just strange that way but, I wish they would get the present OS fixed before they go on the screw up a new one….

A couple of years ago I read an article that quoted Bill Gates as saying they had planned to have Windoze put out as a subscription service, and that as long as you were subscribed to the service you would get  the newest copy of the OS..  That sounded great to me..